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13 Jan 2019

Hi There


We're back! Did you miss us because we missed you! We are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a lovely break getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Believe me, we know that getting back into the swing of things can be hard, but we'll be here to hold you accountable so you can smash out your 2019 goals! 

This week we have a special promotion for all newbies to come and try our classes for only $5 a cla...

3 Dec 2018

Hi Team,

As a lot of you may recall, I was hobbling around in a brace at the beginning of this year after injuring my knee on the ski slopes in California on New Year's Eve. Never injuring myself to that extent before, I was surprisingly calm for the most part until Scott (my husband) came to find me in the ER. 

All I knew was that when I fell, I twisted my knee and could feel pain immediately under my patella. When trauma...

5 Nov 2018

Hi Team,

Where has the year gone? Our November Challenge is in full force with almost 30 challengers taking on 15 classes in 30 days. We're only five days in, and we've seen quite a lot of gold stars hitting the chart - so keep up the good work! Also, just a friendly reminder as classes are getting busier heading into summer, don't forget to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Now mark it in your calendars - the studi...

1 Oct 2018

 Hi Team,

Get out your calendar because we've got quite a few events coming up you're not going to want to miss! Also, be sure you're following us on Facebook , so you don't miss a beat.

This month is the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards where we'll find out how we stacked up to other businesses competing in our category as well as see if your nominations for the More FM Customer Choice awards paid off...

3 Sep 2018

Hi Team,

It's September which means spring has sprung and we are nearing the end of the year! We have lots coming up on the calendar we're excited about, but first I'd like to reflect on my biggest takeaway I got from attending the Pilates on Tour Conference in Sydney just over a week ago!

I was one of the 200+ instructors, that attended the conference, with only a handful of Kiwis that travelled across the Tasman to learn...

1 Aug 2018

Hi Team,

How are you? Have you been putting as much time in yourself as you deserve? Scheduling your "ME" time is crucial to keeping your commitment to yourself and reaching your goals. When you set aside time to focus on your breath, whether it's practising meditation or joining in on one of our Pilates or Yoga classes, your body will naturally go into its restorative mode. This not only offers stress-relieving benefits,...

27 Jul 2018

Hi Team,

Well, it's our birthday month, and we're creeping up to a year since we opened the doors to our studio! I could not be more grateful for the family we have created! Firstly, I must give a big thanks to our team of instructors. I have learned so much from them over the past year, and it's great to be able to share our learnings throughout our years of training to help us all be better instructors.

Secondly, I thank...

3 Jun 2018

Hi Team,

Happy winter! As the chill has undoubtedly set in, remember it's important to wear layers to and from the studio. We know our fabulous heat pump and exercises will get you all warm and toasty inside, but we need to continue to keep our bodies warm outside, especially after exercising.

When you step outside your core body temperature will be a lot hotter than the surrounding atmosphere. This can leave you susceptibl...

1 May 2018

Hi Team,

Woah, when did we become so busy? I'm not talking about at the studio but in life. I couldn't tell you how many times we hear it on a daily, "I'm going to try to come in again tomorrow, but I'm just so busy." Since when did "busy" become the new buzzword and what are we doing to keep us so "busy"? Is it serving us? Are we overcommitting? Are we having a hard time saying "NO"?

When Scott and I stepped away from the...

2 Apr 2018

Hi Team,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. After class on Saturday morning, the hubs and I enjoyed some time out in the bay to recharge our batteries. Needless to say, some Vitamin-D certainly did the trick, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio today. 

I'd like to congratulate all the lucky winners from last weeks Easter Lucky Dip! We had a lot of fun putting it on and hope you enjoy what the Eas...

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