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4-Part Video Series Delivered to Your Inbox

Normally $60.00

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Four Sessions

We'll take you step by step on how to implement calming strategies by breaking them up in four bite size chunks.

Your Pace

These recorded sessions can be watched and revisited whenever you like.

Human Support

We're here to help you through email, phone or message on your journey to a calmer life.

Calmer Living

This meditation course will give you the skills and perspective to make time and space for yourself every day.

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Find your breath.

Uncover your lost sense of calm through guided breathwork you can learn from the expert and continue practice as part of your every day.

  • Process that feeling of overwhelm

  • Overcome stressful moments

  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Release anxiety and tension

Find yourself.

Find your soul with tools to change your self-talk and negative thinking. Learn affirmations and intentions to propel you through anxious moments and a calmer every day.

  • Stop blaming yourself for everything

  • Learn tools to help you remove the focus on the negative

  • Find space to see the possibilities, rather than just black and white

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Find your health.

You'll learn the life-changing practice of Restorative Yoga, a process that triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for balancing and re-energising the entire body. 

  • Consciously lower your heart rate and blood pressure

  • Decrease your stress levels by stilling the mind

  • Increase your capacity for healing and balance

Find your calm.

Bring all these practices together to achieve a space of calm in an uncertain world. This is where you will come to be centered, calm and satisfied.

  • Live from a place of abundance

  • Make better decisions with a clear mind

  • Cope with the changes life brings from a place of control

  • Restore relationships with yourself and others through a calmer mind

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