Pre/Post Natal


You’re about to embark on the most incredible of journeys. Whether this is your first pregnancy or a subsequent one, we are here to help you along your journey and beyond. 

You may already have a fitness routine in place but are now looking for extra guidance on how to perform exercises more safely. Perhaps you need a complete change of pace to your current fitness regime, or you may be starting out wanting help to strengthen your body in preparation for your labour and subsequent recovery. 

The team at Aligned Movement are here to ensure your safety….we have had a bit of practice.

Pre/Post Natal Requirements

The health and safety of you and baby is our biggest priority.

Make sure you’ve got the O.K. from your midwife or GP before you participate in activities with us; this is reassurance for you and us to know that what we are giving you is suitable for your body and needs. 

We also will need you to watch a short Prenatal Induction video followed by a quiz before coming into your first session.

Want more guidance on the modifications and everything else you need to know before booking in a class? Contact the studio and we can go over all of this and get you booked in.

What Is Available

Group Fitness Classes

After completing the requirements, you’re welcome to join us in any of our Group Fitness classes. Please be realistic with your fitness expectations as everyone’s pregnancy is so different. We’ll be sure to empower you with the tools you need to get through class safely for peace of mind. 


Our most popular classes for our prenatal clients are:

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Pilates Mat
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Stretch & Roll

Private Lessons

If you want more focus on you and your body during your pregnancy journey, Private Lessons are a great alternative. 

We can work with exercises specific to your strengths through the ebbs and flows of your pregnancy, whether you need to de-stress with some Gentle Yoga or strengthen your pelvic floor with some Pilates and Swiss Ball. 

We can tailor each session to suit your needs. 

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