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286 Day Challenge

26 Apr 2016


As you may already know, I'm getting married next year (in 285 days to be exact) and like many brides, the big day is constantly on my mind. I never thought I would fall into the, "I've gotta get wedding ready" category, but I have. I have always been comfortable in my own skin, that is until I stopped dancing regularly. I took advantage of my passion and career and never had to work for my body, it just came with the job. Dancing kept me fit and I didn't give it enough credit until now. 


I am actually really thankful that this happened because now I can better understand what some of my clients are dealing with. No, I haven't gained a tremendous amount of weight, but my jeans are now at max capacity and I can see the difference when looking in the mirror. For me, it's not about wanting to be like those skinny models in adverts that pose their unachievable Photoshopped bodies. It's about me knowing my potential and knowing where I could be if I worked for it.


I've decided to start a challenge for myself that will hopefully grow into a habit post wedding. Like many, I am not the best at self-motivation. I find distractions easily, whether it's work or play, and I procrastinate like it's nobody's business. My challenge is to use social media as a platform to keep motivated by posting a video or pic of me working out every day up until the wedding. I may be a bit in over my head, but at least if I spend even 5 to 30 minutes a day doing something for my body, I will feel that much better. 


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