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Tips, deals & more | May Newsletter

26 May 2016


We've certainly been enjoying this rare autumn weather we've been getting as of late! We love being able to open the windows to our studio with the natural light peeping in as we workout. If you haven't heard, Alyssa has started a 286 Day Challenge to get herself wedding ready. Click here to read about the challenge, her struggle with body image since she's stopped dancing and to follow her progress on social media.


Help us grow!


We love being able to offer so many classes on our timetable to work with your busy schedule. In order for us to keep them on, we need to keep growing. 


Please help us by spreading the word. Review us on Facebook and give us a share. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter and show us some love.


For every friend you refer that purchases our New Client Offer of 2 classes for $20, you'll receive a $5 credit towards your next purchase! 


Teens Welcome


We love to share our love for Pilates with the next generation. Learning body awareness can help them in activities such as sports and dance. Also, encouraging proper alignment early prevents them from developing bad habits and injuries in the future. 


If you've got a teen or know of one that could benefit our after school classes are:



4:15 Pilates Mat

5:30 Pilates Circuit



3:30 Pilates Circuit



4:15 Pilates Mat


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How are you walking?


Did you know, what is going on with your feet has a direct correlation to what is happening in your body? 


TIP: Stand upright with your weight even on both feet, preferably in front of a full-length mirror if you have one. First, look at the placement of your feet. Are they turned out slightly (or maybe just one)? Are your arches falling in towards each other? Are your big toes lifted with more pressure on the outside of your feet? All of these things relate to your posture and perhaps even to injuries or pain you have in your body. 




Now, find a long enough space where you have room to walk straight. Think about beginning with the middle of your heel, allowing your weight to then go to the outside of your foot to your pinky toe. Then, in sequential order place each toe down from your pinky toe to your big toe. Your big toe is the toe that you'll want to push off with to take your next step.


Need a Physio?


There are many different ways to take care of your body. Alex over at Changing Views Physiotherapy is offering all Aligned Movement clients a 45-minute consultation for only $15. If you have been dealing with an ongoing injury and haven't taken action, do something about it today! Call Alex at 02102408542.

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