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Studio Open Day, Burlesque & More! | SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

20 Sep 2016



We had an absolute blast at the annual Kerikeri Memory Walk yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came help raise awareness. And for those who forgot (no pun intended), there is always next year! We'd also like to make a big shout out to our client, Trish O'Brein, for jumping in where ever we needed her! We so appreciate having you in the studio and could not thank you enough for all of your help yesterday.


Burlesque is Back!




We are gearing up for our last term of the year! This past term was fully booked - so book in quickly. Join Alyssa and this beautiful, supportive group of women every Wednesday night starting the 12th of October! Get in touch for more information. Pre-booking is essential! 


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Studio Open Day




We are excited to be opening up our doors for new clients to check out our fitness classes on the 15th of October. We will be offering FREE 45 minute classes for those who want to come see what we're all about. 




Pilates Mat at 10am

Pilates Circuit at 11am

Barre at 12pm


If you're an existing client, we haven't forgotten you! If you bring a friend that's new to Aligned Movement, we'll let you join them for FREE! Spaces are limited sign up now!


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New Blog


Find out what pushed Alyssa to quit her 286 Day Challenge to get herself wedding ready. What she learnt could help you too!


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Client Spotlight - Meet Renene



Q: Tell us a little about yourself e.g. what you do for work and play.

A: I am a registered nurse but taking a break from the profession & currently working for a local dentist in town - a bit of a mid-life crisis after "burn out" working as an operating theatre & community-based nursing for 25 years +. I am fairly new to the district and am slowly growing to love the Bay of Islands having left the Bay of Plenty (Ohope Beach after 11 years and the South Island (west coast) before that, for 6 Years). I am originally from Zimbabwe am grateful New Zealand is  my "new land" having emigrated in 2000.


Q: What made you decide to join Aligned Movement?

A: I have tried a number of other Pilates classes in the district and really missed by the previous instructor from the Bay of Plenty who in actual fact knew Alyssa and eventually referred me to her via FB. I took the plunge after finally finding her car parked next to her business on Homestead Road one lazy lunch break from work... I tried one class most importantly because at my age the pelvic floor needs some core muscles to control!!!! I  was also intrigued when I saw a poster advertising "Burlesque classes" and thought - " why not" - I am new to town - don't know anyone either..."! It took some courage to go but I was pleased to find a great bunch of friendly ladies, of all shapes & sizes; some very confident in their skin: others like me a little insecure in ourselves but  since the first class - we have all grown, thanks to Alyssa bringing out our adventurous, sensual and fun side. We have a lot of laughs and I can see why she has ladies returning for the next term... Some of us started in socks & baggy track pants but we are now all wearing heels and tights and a smile! But most importantly we are feeling more confident and empowered when we leave a class.


Q: What classes do you take?

A: Currently Pilates Mat, Barre & Burlesque - I have also trialed circuit.  The MINDBODY internet booking system works well for me - it took a while to navigate it but I now find it easy to plan my week & book in when I know I can make a class and actually benefit & feel satisfied- unlike the wasted payments I made at previous gyms.


Q: Which class is your favourite? Why?

A: Barre - I am so impressed with how this class makes you feel like you have worked some very "dormant" muscles. I understand this is Alyssa's own tailored class combining ballet & Pilates & it certainly is showing small controlled isometric movements have their visible benefits in general muscle toning, strength and improved ability to stretch further. It is a full body work out and fun too.  I enjoy Alyssa as an instructor, she encourages you, individualises her comments to improve your techniques and has a wicked sense of humour. She knows her stuff & has the experience to know what works for her clients. When it gets hard & you feel the "burn" - she always transports us to happy thoughts of puppies, kittens & fiji... love it!  Barre also transports you back to those ballet lessons from childhood days - in my case, that was many years ago... Feel lucky to be back at the barre...


Q: How have our classes helped you?

A: No injuries & fatigue from high impact classes like I have experienced in other fitness classes. I enjoy the variations each class has provided. I have met some lovely ladies & we enquire how we enjoyed the class & Alyssa, when we bump into each other by chance in town... That must be social? The classes certainly are not boring and predictable.  Alyssa is friendly, welcoming, and always checks in on your limitations and will work with you individually if necessary to make sure you benefit from the class and do not get frustrated. Kerikeri is lucky to have her calibre and experience.


Q: Do you play any sports or partake in other physical activities outside of the studio?

A: I live on a lifestyle block so that keeps me active - I enjoy gardening and "fair weather" sailing. I also enjoy exploring the new environs I now call my home - the bay of islands have so much still to explore and experience.


Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

A: Please do not leave town!


No need to worry about us skipping town, Renene, we are here to stay and have fallen in love with this community. Thank you for being in our September Client Spotlight! Who will be next?

"True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed."

- Joseph Pilates

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