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Feeling It In All The Right Places

3 Mar 2017

Let's be honest, I am not one to jump at the opportunity to do any sort of manual labour, aside from painting, but last weekend I worked alongside my husband (Yay, I can say that now!) and a couple of members of his family cutting down trees and throwing them into a wood chipper on our property. Working with a machine that can cut 6-inch tree trunks down to nothing is an impressive feat in itself, but I was even more impressed with the fact that I lasted an entire two days working outdoors in the heat lifting trees without much fatigue. 


I not only give credit to the adrenaline I got from using a machine I once saw used as a murder weapon on CSI but also Pilates. I felt a great sense of pride over what we had accomplished and was even more stoked that my body could handle it. I was feeling it in all the right places - my scapular stabilisers, core, gluts, hammies, all the muscles I preach when I am teaching my Pilates classes. Hallelujah, this shit works! Not that there was ever any doubt, but I was humbled that my Pilates practice translates through movement outside of the studio, including manual labour.


Now - with that, I won't be changing my career to a professional wood chipper anytime soon. Let this be a reminder for all of us that Pilates is more than just an exercise class - it's a way of life that helps us move more efficiently and push our bodies further than we thought we could handle. 

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