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The big reveal!

18 Jun 2017


Hi Team, 


In case you missed our Facebook LIVE special announcement on Thursday night, we're moving! Thank you for all of your comments of support. We are excited too and cannot wait to show you everything we've been working on! 


So - how'd you go on our scavenger hunt? We had a fun time reading all of your guesses. Congrats to Renene for being the first to figure it out! We'll be transitioning to our new space at 11 Cobham Roadmid/late July (date TBC). Keep a look out in your inbox for an invite to our Grand Opening Party! 


Because of this move, we'll be able to offer our group fitness classes, one-on-one training sessions and Burlesque classes all under one roof! We'll be adding more classes to the timetable as well as new instructors that are just as passionate as I am about your success. 


I don't want to overload you with a whole bunch of information right now, but I do want to let you know I will be sending you a survey in the next few days. This survey is important to me because I want to know what your dream is too. I want to know things like what your perfect schedule would look like; or how many times a week you would come if money was no object. 


You are my inspiration to keeping doing what I do, and without you, this would not be made possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. #jointhemovement


xx Alyssa | Director




Did you miss the announcement?


If you're feeling a bit of FOMO because you missed the announcement, you can watch it now!


Watch Now






End of Term Burlesque Showcase


Join us for a hot sexy night with these ladies!


When: Wednesday the 5th July

@ 7:30 PM


Where: 57 Cobham Road




Client Spotlight - Meet Jess


Q: Tell us a little about yourself e.g. what you do for work and play.

A: I'm a secondary school teacher of History and English. I play netball and have since I was at school. I also try to exercise regularly, because I have a healthy appetite!


Q: What made you decide to join Aligned Movement?

A: I joined up with two friends, we were intrigued by Barre and were interested to see if it was a good workout. I can confirm, it totally is!


Q: What classes do you take?

A: I regularly attend Barre, and fit in Pilates and TRX when I can. I also have a regular fortnightly Reformer session to make sure I keep improving, and don't fall into old, bad habits.


Q: Which class is your favourite? Why?

A: It's a tie. I love Barre, for the dance basics and excellent mix of cardio and strengthening. But one on one Reformer sessions have improved my form and posture markedly, which makes me more efficient in classes.


Q: How have our classes helped you?

A: My husband was very pleased with the almost immediate lifting of my butt! But personally, I felt my body was still recovering from my daughter's birth. I had terrible posture from curling my shoulders to breastfeed, and my abs were essentially non-existent. Regular classes and Reformer sessions have helped me to begin to correct those issues, while building up my general cardio fitness and strength.


Q: Do you play any sports or partake in other physical activities outside of the studio?

A: I play netball and try to get to the gym in the early morning three days a week.


Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

A: Finding Aligned Movement has genuinely been life changing. I can't thank Alyssa enough for the strength and confidence I've found.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” 

- Roy T. Bennett

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