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September Newsletter

3 Sep 2018


Hi Team,


It's September which means spring has sprung and we are nearing the end of the year! We have lots coming up on the calendar we're excited about, but first I'd like to reflect on my biggest takeaway I got from attending the Pilates on Tour Conference in Sydney just over a week ago!


I was one of the 200+ instructors, that attended the conference, with only a handful of Kiwis that travelled across the Tasman to learn from the best in the Pilates world. It was an excellent opportunity for me to get back to the mat and be the student again. Over the course of the 3-day event, we reviewed anatomy, played with new and innovative equipment, and learned about the latest research. It was easy to say I was in my happy place despite losing my voice to the flu. 


I was reminded of how miraculous our bodies are, even more so than I thought before. Did you know your subconscious processes 11-million instructions per second? 11-million! Yet your conscious brain still manages to process 40 instructions per second on top of that! I was mind blown at these figures, so it got me thinking about what we do in the studio to work towards getting our movement to be processed by our subconscious. After all, that's our ultimate goal as instructors, condition your bodies to function properly outside of the studio without instruction.  


If you can remember a time when you've felt unstable, whether that was with your feet hooked in the TRX or with a ball under your pelvis, these would be two examples of your body taking on the challenge and communicating to other parts of your body what is required for you to stabilise. Of course, the conscious mind has to execute the movement, but once we are put into this position, it should all just fall in line. Once you can successfully perform a move with ease, economy, and efficiency, we have done our jobs as instructors, and you have done yours as a student. 


Let this thought be a reminder to treat your body well for it's the only place you have to live in. 


P.S. I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to the men who attended our Bro-lesque Charity Class on Friday! Not only did we have heaps of fun (you can see the video here ), but we raised $150 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand!


xx Alyssa | Founder


Dance for Awareness


September is Alzheimers Awareness month, and every year, Aligned Movement hosts Dance for Awareness, a one-off Zumba class taught by our very own dance lovin' Zumba instructor Suzel Hooper!


Join us for good workout and a fun night!We will be donating all proceeds to Alzheimers Northland. Let's make a difference!


When: Thursday, September 13th

Time: 6:45 - 7:45 pm 


2018 Memory Walks


Get ready to make a difference for dementia. Join us for a Memory Walk in Kerikeri on Saturday the 22nd of September.


This year we have two walk options to chose from in Kerikeri: 


The Kerikeri Memory Walk


The original Memory Walk starts at the Domain and we do a loop, it's great for all the family, accessible and fun! We will have a sausage sizzle, face-painting, music and great companions. The domain loop will start at 12 pm. Register now to get your free T-shirt!


The Waterfall Memory Walk


The 11km Waterfall Memory Walk starts from the domain and takes in Kerikeri's beautiful bush clad river walks and several stunning waterfalls. Walk with friends or colleagues or make friends along the way. The Kerikeri Rotary Club will be providing a refreshment stop along the way. Joining the Waterfall Memory Walk is free and you will receive a tee shirt to walk in and a refreshment stop along the way provided by Kerikeri Rotary Club. We will arrive back to the domain just in time to join the Memory Walk event. To support Alzheimers Northland we ask you to raise sponsorship from your friends and family to support your challenge and at the same time help us support families in Northland affected by dementia. When you register you will be given details of how to set up an online fundraising page.


Memory Walks are for people of all ages and abilities to raise awareness of dementia. It's also a great way to honour our family and community members that have been or are affected by dementia.


End of Term Showcase


We invite you for a fun-filled evening with performances from our Burlesque classes this term!


These ladies have been working hard all term, so your support to cheer them on is encouraged. After party at our favourite local to follow. 


Thinking of joining Burlesque? This is a great opportunity to see what we're all about.


When: Wednesday, September 26th

Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm 


Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender


Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and myriad benefits. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume. Its calming and relaxing qualities, when taken internally, continue to be Lavender’s most notable attributes. Applied topically, Lavender is frequently used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. Add to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck. Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet to relax and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Due to Lavender’s versatile properties, it is considered the must-have oil to have on hand at all times.



  • Soothes occasional skin irritations

  • Taken internally, Lavender reduces anxious feelings and promotes peaceful sleep.

  • Helps ease feelings of tension.

Click below to get wholesale pricing on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

essential oils.

 “Breathing is the first act of life and the last,

our very life depends on it”


- Joseph Pilates

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