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December Newsletter

3 Dec 2018


Hi Team,


As a lot of you may recall, I was hobbling around in a brace at the beginning of this year after injuring my knee on the ski slopes in California on New Year's Eve. Never injuring myself to that extent before, I was surprisingly calm for the most part until Scott (my husband) came to find me in the ER. 


All I knew was that when I fell, I twisted my knee and could feel pain immediately under my patella. When trauma happens to the knee, it's initially difficult to diagnose at first due to inflammation. There was a little more movement in my knee when trying to move my leg side to side in comparison to the other leg, but having no baseline to go off of, it was still hard to tell. I had technically passed all the "drawer" tests with the physio's in California and NZ for the ACL, but it wasn't until having an MRI that it was confirmed I had a full rupture.


On the bright side, we knew why I was having pain, and that was indeed justified with such a traumatic injury. On the downside, I had never felt so much discomfort in my life; it was hard to look past getting over this hurdle. No longer was I able-bodied. I couldn't sleep comfortably at night, and I had to rely on others to do certain tasks for me. Being co-dependent, though for a very short time, was hard enough. Not getting to enjoy the tail end of summer to the fullest extent was even harder. 


I had built up such a physiological block of things I could do and I "shouldn't" do. The trust for my own body had fallen out the window. I was afraid of making it worse and needing surgery, which wasn't an option in my mind. I also should explain that prior to this injury, I was very much a chicken to try new things — my whole life I grew up putting my dance career first over adventure. I did very little that would risk harm to my body and my fears grew stronger as I grew older. 


Nearly a month post injury I was working with Alex at Changing Views - Health & Performance Physiotherapy twice a week. I lacked the trust in myself to do my homework, and I liked the push he gave me to get outside of my comfort zone. Though it had been my first time using a squat rack (which I found very uncomfortable and still despise to this day), I found joy in working on my balance tossing a ball back and forth in every direction and doing box jumps. I was getting more and more confident with my movement every day. 


Alex is all about getting you better and out of his clinic as soon as possible. By the end of June, I was feeling pretty good about my progress, but it wasn't until I started getting outdoors again that I felt the real results. I had never been one to jump rock to rock and dreaded anything vertical. If it was too steep, Alyssa was waiting down at the bottom until the others got back. However, on Sunday, Scott and I climbed up to the top of Duke's Nose (Kairara Rocks) in Whangaroa Harbour and much to my dismay, I never would have had the courage to do that prior to my injury. I was very proud of myself to say the least, as was he.


I know others haven't been as lucky, but I can honestly say my injury was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I feel now I am finally experiencing life in a way I never thought I could before. It reminded me of how important it is to have a solid tribe on your side. Alex, for me, broke down a lot of barriers that I was holding on to from the past. He gave me the trust and the confidence in myself that I could do the things others were doing without the fear. And I had a tremendous amount of support from family, friends, and clients like yourself that kept me going. So thanks for always checking in!


Sunday's experience was a humbling opportunity to reflect on how far I have come. It's not always going to be an easy road, and there will be tears where you wish for one day everything could just be normal again, but in the end, you will end up stronger for it, both mentally and physically. Keep pushing forward, and remember, the team and I at Aligned Movement are here for YOU!


xx Alyssa | Founder

Close Down Period


Just a reminder the studio will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period from the 24th of December to the 13th of January. All memberships will be placed on hold for this time, and class pass expirations dates will be extended. Members, please note this may also change the day your payment typically goes out. Please reach out to either myself or Asita if you have any questions.


Also, don't forget if you would like to extend your holiday, we need 2-weeks' notice to action any holds on your account and will need you to fill out a Membership Hold Request Form. We will not be accepting any hold requests after the 22nd December while the studio is closed.


Congrats to our Challengers!


Congratulations to Gill McKinnon, winner of our November Challenge. Gill completed 18 classes in 30 days but normally attends twice a week! Gill won a $200 travel voucher from Kim Mildon - ithinktravel, a 3-month subscription to K4 Kombucha, a Mini Gel Pedicure + mascara + lip gloss from VIP ME Cosmetics, Manuka & Kamahi Honey from New Zealand Honey Traders, a Himilayan Salt Lamp + Inspirational Quote Cards from Eko NZ, a Tribe Yoga Grip Mat and a Relaxation Massage at The Sanctuary Kerikeri.


We'd also like to extend a big congratulations for all those who completed the challenge! We had a total of 26 out of 31 challengers complete the challenge this year! You all deserve a pat on your back!


End of Term Burlesque Showcase


Friday 13th December

7:00pm - 7:30pm


We invite you for a scandalous yet tastefully festive evening with performances from our Burlesque class this term.


This is our last performance of the year followed by a mini celebration at our favourite little local.

Thinking of joining Burlesque? This is a great opportunity to see what we're all about.


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Add one to two drops to a homemade potpourri for the holiday season



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