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Please take a moment to read, because this is how we roll!!!


A quick summary of a few of our important studio policies that you should be aware of.



We hold a spot for you, and in exchange, you give us the appropriate notice and cancel yourself out of class/session in time; 12-hour notice for classes and 24-hour notice for sessions… otherwise, yes, you will be charged!



We accept good old cash, EFTPOS and credit card ☺. To ensure everything is run smoothly, please make payment prior to classes/sessions. Thanks!



All our class/session passes have a 3-month expiry from purchase. We like to see you on a regular basis, and we know you will experience the benefits the more we see your smiling faces in the studio! Sorry, no refunds.



We believe you can be separated from your phone, pager or other technical devices for one hour. Therefore, please silence these devices, otherwise, you may find yourself doing 20 extra push-ups. We do understand the occasional emergency phone call.



We love having you in class, and we would like to ensure you remain breathing to keep it that way. To avoid any incidents of choking, please dispose of your gum into the rubbish bins at the entrance when entering the studio.



To start: Your nervous system needs 5-10 minutes to calm down and be present, so if you are more than 5 minutes late we will be unable to let you into class as you are missing out on your calm and preparation for class and the rest of the class are distracted. Sorry, no exceptions.


Finish line: We design classes with numerous components that benefit your body, so please stay until the end of class to give your body the needed stretch and wind down time and avoid distracting other clients.



Be mindful of other clients working hard to focus on their movement/sleep (relaxation), please do not enter the studio like a bull in a China shop ☺.


We consider our studio much cleaner than other fitness facilities you might have been to, and we would like to keep it that way. So please, take your shoes off (with the exception of Zumba and Burlesque with clean shoes) and store them in a cubby together with your belongings. And for the sake of our instructors’ sanity, we ask you to clean your mat after class and put the toys away where you got them from ☺. Thank you in advance.



Should you wish to bail out on us and give up on yourself, your membership term has to be satisfied. Once you have completed your initial term, we only need 7-days’ notice by filling out our Membership Cancellation Form to let you go with a tear in our eyes.


Want to go on vacation… of course! Please fill out our Membership Hold Request Form at least 14-days prior to your holidays. Every membership contract has a freeze allowance build into it for this very reason.



Our Studio will be closed on all public holidays. Also, to give our instructors some well deserved R&R time, the studio will be closed over the X-mas/New Years period. Your payments will be postponed and class/session passes extended!


If you would like to see our studio policies in the more official form please feel free to ask. Thank you for your attention, now back to class and all the fun stuff!