To our valued clientele, 

Yay, we are all so stoked to re-open under Level 2 so be sure to mark your calendars for Monday the 18th of May! 


To be able to maintain safety for all of us, we have had to make some changes to stay within government guidelines and regulations surrounding COVID-19. This email will be a lengthy one, so grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and settle in. 


  • Within our space, we are limited to 8 people for Pilates, Stretch, Barre, Yoga, and Core Reform. Swiss Ball and TRX are limited to 6. So if you do the math – we have fewer spaces available for classes. We will continue to live-stream these classes if you are unable to make it to the studio for whatever reason. Please ensure you have booked the class labelled "VIRTUAL" so that you are sent a link and can join us from home.

  • Should you not be quick enough to book into an in-studio session, remember that you will be waitlisted. Keep an eye on your email as class draws near to see if a space has become available. Anyone on the waitlist 15-minutes prior to the start of class will be automatically enrolled into the virtual class instead.

  • REMEMBER – 24hr cancellation policy for one-on-ones and 12hr cancellation policy for classes (either in studio or virtual) as these spaces are limited more so than ever.

  • No drop-ins will be available during this time. You must book in advance for contact tracing purposes and safety measures. 

Social Distancing 

  • Please move expeditiously from the front door to your space in class – our maximum number allowable in the waiting area is 3.

  • To avoid bottlenecking and maintain social distance between classes, the front door will now become an entrance only and the back door an exit only. 

  • The floor has been marked to enable us to maintain correct social distancing as per government regulations – please stay within your space.

  • We know that you will want to chat and catch up with the latest news – we are happy for that to happen – at a safe distance. Please avoid bottlenecking at entrances, exits, and the bathroom.

  • The private studio has also been marked to allow a queue for the bathroom – please ensure that you use them. With that, we will not be having one-on-one sessions going on at the same time as a class.


  • Doors will be open (literally) by us 15 minutes pre and post class to minimise contact and will be closed by staff at the start of class. Please be on time.

  • Please sanitise your hand's pre and post-workout with the hand sanitiser provided. Apply a dollop into one palm, rub hands together, ensuring full coverage and allow to air dry. Do this as you enter the class space and again as you leave.

  • All clients must wear socks. These are to be put on once you arrive at the studio (not the pair that have been in your tennis shoes for the last 2 hours). Grip socks are available for purchase at the studio and strongly advised for modalities like TRX, Circuit & Barre so that you don't slip. You may hire a pair of socks for $2 if need be.


  • Please bring your own mat (and props) where possible to class. If you don't have a mat, we have some available for purchase at the studio. Alternatively, bring a towel (or two) to cover the mat and any equipment that might be necessary for your class. This includes bringing enough towels to cover a bolster (or two) and your MOTR if you're in Core Reform. You may hire a towel for $2 if need be.


  • We will be having to adjust some of the durations and times of classes to allow for enough time to sanitise and clear the space for the next class. We hope this is only temporary, so please be patient during this time.

  • Please ensure your contact details in our system is correct for contact tracing purposes. You can do this by logging on to your account via our website (do not use the Mindbody app to do this).

  • Should you wish to discuss anything regarding your account (e.g. contract, class pass), we ask that you make an appointment to ensure we can maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe. Please email to arrange this.

We understand that this feels like we are taking the fun out of coming into the studio – trust us, that is not the plan!!! We are just trying our very best to keep everyone safe and well AND play by the rules. 

The ability to chat and giggle is still there, and it will be much nicer for all of us to actually get together in person. Sadly, the hugs might have to wait until Level 1. 

Thanks for your cooperation during this time and look forward to seeing you soon!

xx The AM Team

© 2020 Aligned Movement Limited