Getting Started

Well, hello there!

We love fresh blood! Not literally, but we seriously love sharing what we do so much that we

always have extra fun when we’ve got a newbie in the room. 

Check out all the deets before you come in, so we’re on the same page … 

Here’s the scoop:

  • Arrive 15-minutes before your class is due to begin. That will allow you enough time to sign in, have us show you around, and get you familiar with your surroundings.
  • If you’re driving be sure to allow extra time for parking; summer tends to be a busy time of year in town. There is parking available on Cobham Road as well as in the post office carpark behind our building.
  • Because your alignment is important to us, we recommend wearing closely fitting workout attire, but by all means, wear what makes you comfortable! Bring a bottle of water and maybe a towel. Gear-wise, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need.
  • When you first walk in, one of our wonderful team members will assist you in getting registered and set up for your class.
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We look forward to meeting you on the mat!


Committed to living your best life?

This is an ideal membership for:

  • those suffering from an injury or ailment that requires the full focus of the instructor
  • those wanting to gain confidence before jumping into a group class
  • those wanting specialised attention towards a specific event or sport.
  • Membership options start as low as $34/session.
  • When you start, we’ll take you through a simple Movement Assessment to find any imbalances and where we need to focus.
  • From there, we create your plan with exercises that will get you where you need to be in order to optimise your fitness goals and lifestyle.
  • Lastly, we keep building on the fundamental movements from where we started to keep the momentum and challenge the body.

Benefits of Being a Member

Membership discounts off:

  • retail items,
  • Special Class Series, 
  • workshops

Exclusive Referral Programme

Regular accountability

Automatic enrolment into our Loyalty Rewards Programme


Ready to change your life?

We’re here to help. Schedule a FREE One-on-one Consult. We’ll show you the studio, answer any questions and help you make the right membership decisions for you and your lifestyle. Giving you the tools to succeed is our first priority. 

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