Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is for EVERY BODY and we truly mean that.

Discover the transformative benefits of Pilates Mat at Aligned Movement, where every class is designed to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels. With variations tailored to match your current abilities, Mat Pilates focuses on fundamental Pilates principles, promoting proper alignment while delivering a comprehensive full-body workout with a concentration on core strength.

Mat Pilates is a safe and effective way to transform your body, enhancing agility in your everyday movements.

Benefits include: 

  • Stronger muscles
  • A balanced body
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased muscle tone and definition

As you progress in your Mat Pilates practice, you’ll notice improvements not only in your physical strength but also in mental aspects such as focus, stress management, and body awareness. If you’ve been curious about trying Pilates, our Mat classes provide the perfect starting point. Join us for a class at Aligned Movement and embark on a journey to a stronger, more aligned, and mindful you.


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