Food is fuel for your body, fuel it well

Do you want to learn more about what your body needs rather than what you think it wants? Our bodies are extraordinary vessels and with us for the long haul. We recognise that it takes more than just exercise to achieve optimal health, and that’s why we have our resident Nutritionist, Sophie, available to work with you to help you reach your goals. 

Nurturing your body with nourishing whole foods is just one pillar of your self-care routine. 

Sophie can help with...

  • healthy eating
  • weight management
  • emotional eating
  • intuitive/mindful eating
  • recreational sports nutrition
  • heart health


Contact us to set up a time to meet with her today!

Our Resident Nutritionist

Meet Sophie

Hello, my name is Sophie McCarthy; I’m the resident nutritionist here at Aligned Movement. I have recently returned home after studying in Otago, and I’m eager to put my skills to the test and support Northlanders to live happy, healthy lifestyles. I am a real foodie, and in my spare time, I love to cook and spend time with friends and family.

I am an Associate Registered Nutritionist registered with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand. I have completed a BSc major in Human Nutrition, and I am currently completing an MSc in Advanced Nutrition Practice. 

I am committed to supporting others to make sustainable changes through an individualised approach. I can help with healthy eating, weight management, emotional eating, intuitive/mindful eating, recreational sports nutrition, and heart health. 

If you’re keen to book in with me, we’ve set up a start-up package that includes a 1-hour initial consultation plus a 30-minute follow-up. 

I look forward to meeting you all and spending more time in the studio over the coming months. 

xx Sophie

Meet In the Studio

We can set you up for a private meeting with Sophie in the studio so you both can to knuckle down on the nitty-gritty. Nothing replaces human connection, and meeting in person can certainly help you feel your concerns are heard.

Meet Online

student, woman, startup-849821.jpg

We get it; sometimes, meeting online is just simpler in this day and age. We can set up a Zoom meeting for you with Sophie, no problem. We’re all about making it easy and convenient for you, which means you can tap into her knowledge from anywhere in the world. How awesome is that?

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